Having flicked through a well thumbed tome left conspicuously on a colleague's desk called Write a Perfect CV in a Weekend ­ does he know something we don't? ­ no reference could be found to some of the creative job applications passed on by Asda. These were from folk trying to land one of the coveted graduate placements with the multiple. They included a CV transferred on to a champagne bottle; an aspiring designer who supplied a photo of herself in fishnet stockings; the student who put his CV on a T shirt; the Midlands man who offered a £5 cheque as a reward for reading his application; and the history graduate who put his CV inside an Asda pizza box, complete with pizza. Of course, revealing such eccentric offerings will inevitably lead to even weirder attempts to gain attention. However, the multiple's graduate recruitment manager Philip Horn (left) said even these would not get to the first interview stage unless there is a record of academic and personal achievement.{{COUNTERPOINT }}