Morrisons' 40,000 sq ft store in Derby, won this week's Top Store Award after wowing our mystery shopper with excellent customer service. Not only was the 15-year-old store clean and tidy but also well-merchandised, meaning the shopper could find items on her list easily.

The shelves were well-stocked, but our shopper could only buy 31 items on the list as Schweppes tonic water was out of stock and the store did not stock own-label corned beef.

Our shopper noted that though staff were extremely busy they took the time to help her and even fetched certain items for her when she could not find them.

She noted an ice cream product demonstration, which was proving popular with customers.

Twenty six of the 29 checkouts were in operation, so our shopper did not spend any time queuing and she was offered help packing her bags.

There were no errors on the receipt and staff were polite, leaving her impressed with the level of customer service.

The store is in a more affluent area than a typical Morrisons, according to CACI data. Manager Duncan Brooks, who has held the reins for six months, said good customer service was one of his biggest challenges.

"I have a good team that have been well trained and the right routines are in place to ensure good service," he said.