Morrisons surprises the City, but not Safeway, by making a £2.9bn cash and shares bid for the 480-store group

Sainsbury trumps Morrisons when it announces it is considering a £3.5bn cash and shares bid

Asda Wal-Mart joins the battle, announcing it is considering an all-cash offer

US buyout specialist Kohlberg Kravis Roberts confirms approach and retail entrepreneur Philip Green says he is considering a cash offer

Tesco considering an offer at an unspecified price

Morrisons shareholders approve offer at EGM, while KKR decides to back off until frenzy cools

Patricia Hewitt surprises when she refers the Morrisons bid to Competition Commission as well as Tesco’s, Asda’s and Sainsbury’s. Only Philip Green’s bid avoids referral

The big four outline their plans at a public forum with the Competition Commission. Philip Green is exempted by the OFT

The Competition Commission publishes a remedies statement that seems to back Morrisons by agreeing that the creation of powerful fourth player would be good for the market but also hints that all retailers could be blocked. Safeway shares promptly fall 5%

Competition Commission inquiry hearings end

Report’s presentation to Hewitt shelved for six days after a bidder requests a further meeting. Her decision is expected at the end of September
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