Asda shoppers have been switching from fresh primary poultry cuts to pre-prepared products, such as breaded escalopes, since blanket news coverage of bird flu began six months ago, said the retailer.
Like other major multiples, Asda this week insisted overall sales of poultry meat products had been unaffected by the discovery of a dead swan infected with H5N1 in Scotland.
But although sales had not fallen over the past six months, shopping habits had changed since the media hysteria over bird flu began in October, fuelled by the spread of the disease across Europe.
Asda spokesman Dominic Burch said: "We've noticed some customers moving away from fresh chicken to further processed products over the past six months. We're not sure why exactly, but we did notice a similar thing when there were issues over the safety of salmon.
"Then, people stopped buying fresh raw salmon and purchased further-processed salmon products instead."