Premium sausage manufacturer Manor Born is celebrating after gaining a listing in Sainsbury and a top award.
The company took the International Design Effectiveness title at the Design Business Association’s Design Effectiveness Awards for its work on the branding and packaging of its Debbie and Andrew’s sausages.
The company, founded by Debbie and Andrew Keeble in 1999, embarked on a redesign and rebranding of its Manor Born sausages two years ago.
Andrew Keeble said:“We felt the initial Manor Born branding was a quaint countrified brand and was simply proving ineffective.”
He said the new branding, developed with design consultants Elmwood, stressed the family run nature of the business and has helped boost sales from £50,000 in 2001 to more than £2 million this year.
The products go on sale in Sainsbury this week and are also listed in Morrisons, Asda, Tesco and Co-operative Group stores.