An attempt to kickstart the welfare-friendly pink or rose veal market in Britain has been unveiled by Marks and Spencer.
Touted for some time as a possible added-value market for otherwise unwanted dairy breed calves, following consumer rejection of anaemic white veal, this product has remained a tiny niche market. The new move emerged from talks with the multiple's select dairy farm supplier group with the aim of replacing current imports from Holland.
Mark Ransom, meat technologist, said: "Our customers are greatly concerned that our treatment of calves should be compassionate and embracing this within our specialist dairy supply base will help ensure the best M&S standards of animal welfare are met."
The system is set to be piloted this autumn with meat available in stores from next Easter.
The move was one of a series of announcements made by the retailer at the Royal Show this week, one of which revealed record sales of beef. Paul Willgoss, head of agriculture, said year-on-year sales were up over 20% and organic beef sales were up over 50% on last year.