National Independents' Week has been hailed a great success by its organisers and, thanks to a new Saturday boy, looks like it will prove lucrative for one store in particular.

Booker Group chief executive Charles Wilson (pictured above) did a spot of moonlighting at Frankmarsh Stores in Barnstaple, run by Lesley Brown and her husband Bill.

And it seems that Wilson, who was keeping a promise he made at March's FWD conference to spend a day in the store, used his time wisely - coming up with a plan to boost the couple's profits.

"I saw opportunities to increase their profits by £10,000 per annum," he said. "Booker will help them achieve this over the next 18 months so they can play an even bigger role in their community.

"These lessons will be useful for Booker's other 74,000 retail customers."