As the sun got its hat on, our shoppers stocked up on barbecue specials, but Safeway in Glasgow was the only store to provide a full basket at £20.79. There were plenty of other deals instore to fire up outdoor entertaining, such as 24 x 275ml bottles of Beck's at £12.99, reduced by £8, and Pringles for 59p. The Nottingham Co-op had only 10kg charcoal left, but Birds Eye Quarter Pounders were on a bogof deal at £2.59. Somerfield in Norfolk had no fresh corn on the cob but stocked 1 litre tubs of Wall's Cornish ice cream. Tesco had two-packs of Birds Eye burgers on offer at £3, knocked £1.50 off Rosemount Chardonnay, but had no firelighters. Asda was one of the few stores to offer potato salad in 500g tubs and it had the best price on a four-pack of corn on the cob at 98p, plus £1 off a Wolfie Blass Chardonnay at £3.97. Sainsbury sold 2-litre Wall's Cornish ice cream only but on a special at £1.99, plus £1 off strawberries. Somerfield in Bedlington had a special barbecue display at the entrance to the food department. Its 2-litre Wall's Cornish ice cream sold at £2.89, and strawberries were reduced by 60p. At the Co-op in Marple, staff were polite although one didn't know what corn on the cob was. The till receipt showed barbecue fuel instead of firelighters, but the price was right. {{GROCER 33 }}