Bargain Booze is extending its wine offering with the launch of seven new exclusive wines.

The wines, exclusive to Bargain Booze stores and priced between £4.99 and £6.99, include a selection of red and whites from brands such as Condesa de Leganza, Stoneford and Kosi Bay.

A range of Faustino Silver Collection wines will also be available at the off-licence, the first time the range has been sold outside duty-free lounges.

“We’ve chosen the wines in response to market trends, providing our franchisees with the opportunity to offer their customers an even greater selection of their favourite varieties”, said Bargain Booze wine buyer Sarah Richardson.

“We’ve also launched [South African wine] Kosi Bay following the increase in price of New Zealand wine in recent months. We’re committed to value and wanted to provide a low-entry price New Zealand-style wine for our customers.”

This product launch follows the appointment of Susan McCraith as Bargain Booze master of wine. She has been charged with helping to develop the company’s wine range and strategy.