Market data out this week has the grocery market in good health but signals more doom and gloom for Kwik Save - down from a 1.6% share a year ago to 0.2%.

TNS Worldpanel data for the 12 weeks to 5 November shows Tesco has grabbed a whole point on last year's share to hold 31.1% of the grocery market, Asda has 16.7%, up from 16.5%, Sainsbury's has a 15.9% share, up from 15.6%, while Morrisons has dropped 0.2 percentage points to 11.2%.

But the figures also illustrate Kwik Save's torrid past year, during which it has lost two managing directors in a four-month period and suffered from poor availability in-store.

Now, it has all but lost its standing in the market. "Nearly all the major supermarket chains are enjoying growth rates ahead of the overall market," said Edward Garner, director of research, TNS Worldpanel.

"This apparent paradox can be in part explained by the virtual disappearance of Kwik Save - meaning new growth opportunities for the rest of the market."

For the four weeks to 4 November, ACNielsen figures show that year-on-year sales in all major categories are in growth.

Fresh fruit and vegetables lead the way with sales up 12.8%, fresh meat, fish and poultry are up 9.3%, household by 7.8% and even frozen food sales, which have been in decline, have gone up by 0.8%.