Sir; re the ongoing publicity around the struggle of Somerfield, and in particular the recent pledge that results should start improving by the end of next year. Kwik Save sales have been in double digit year on year decline now for more than two years (coinciding with Somerfield's buy out and price hikes). Surely these will plateau out at some point and even bring some growth, but half the business has been lost in the interim. Distribution problems have also caused major availability headaches. Until these are eradicated the underlying profits will remain poor. Third, the initial cost savings projected following the Kwik Save merger' have now been forgotten, with management layers outside stores reintroduced and injections of cash into the business (such as selling off the highest turnover and most profitable stores!) covering the cracks. The future looks bleak. Kwik Save cannot compete on price with the discounters and it is far harder to retrieve lost customer numbers than it is to retain them in the first instance. Anonymous {{LETTERS }}