Blueheath has taken delivery of its first own-liveried vehicles following a decision to shake up its distribution strategy.

The delivered wholesaler has ditched third-party logistics providers in favour of its own liveried vehicles, driven by drivers in Blueheath uniforms, as part of a move it believes will generate more loyalty. "The relationship with the driver is key for our customers," said Blueheath CEO Mark Aylwin. "They're the one person customers know in our business better than anybody else. I wanted to take the best of our web technology and the best of the traditional business to create a new model."

Aylwin said drivers could deal with customer issues immediately rather than queries going through the customer service team.

He added: "If you wanted something unloaded you had to pay a charge. Now we do that for the consumer."

Aylwin said the set-up would also generate big cost savings. Blueheath already has 60 vehicles and will buy another 20 this year.