Landmark Wholesale has reacted angrily to the departure of Blueheath to Today’s Group.
Martin Williams, MD of Landmark Wholesale, said: “It is disappointing to lose a member, particularly one that was so desperate to join us just two years ago.”
Blueheath has carried out an aggressive series of acquisitions during its tenure with Landmark, picking up both CTM Wholesale and AC Ward & Son. As a result, it has grown its sales from £70.2m in 2004 to £146m last year.
Both CTM and AC Ward were supplied by the Today’s Group, through their membership of Sugro and Key Lekkerland respectively. When Blueheath bought AC Ward last November, chief executive Douglas Gurr also joined the board at Key Lekkerland, fuelling speculation regarding Blueheath’s future within Landmark.
Blueheath will join the Today’s Group on February 1.
Tesco has launched its first ads to highlight and explain its guideline daily amount labelling system to consumers. Using the voices of presenter Terry Wogan and actress Martine McCutcheon, the two ads describe how much fat, calories and salt are found in various products. One ad also carries the line: ‘We label food, not our customers’.