Not that I'm one to name drop or anything, but I couldn't help noticing how fantastic supermarkets are in Hawaii ­ particularly the Safeway in Lanikai. The astounding choice and fully stocked shelves were a far cry from the sad remains I see in some stores this side of the Atlantic. It wasn't just a Hawaiian phenomenon either. As I was hangin' out on that side of the globe I checked out supermarkets in San Francisco. A colleague remembers how Safeway near Golden Gate used to host singles nights many years ago, but what seduced me in the Safeway near Fisherman's Wharf were the rows of shelves bursting with brands, attractively merchandised fruit and veg, fresh bakery and above all the impeccable smiling service. Our multiples have still got a lot to learn from the States. What tickled me most was the machine that dispensed change at the checkout and the way an assistant jumped in to pack your shopping before you could even reach for the carrier bags. It's enough to make me want to emigrate! But after such delights, I went back down to earth with a thud at the IGD briefing on B2B exchanges last week, contemplating death by Powerpoint, and monitoring the audience's varying expressions of incomprehension. Just as some delgates began to lose the will to live, a baker from Chester made the shock revelation that using exchanges was, in fact, very simple and might save money. {{COUNTERPOINT }}