In his first public appearance as CEO of Morrisons this week, Marc Bolland said he was looking forward to weighing up his new competitors in the UK.

Talking at the opening of Morrisons' latest addition to its estate, a 36,000 sq ft store in Swadlincote, South Derbyshire, Bolland said he would be visiting competitor stores, as well as other Morrisons stores, to gauge the state of the UK retail industry in greater depth.

"I think you can only know retailing by being in-store. I will be visiting our stores, plus maybe a few competitors', because that's where you learn most."

Although Bolland was unwilling to divulge details about his plans for Morrisons, certain developments in the new store are likely to highlight areas in which he is interested. Fresh food takes up one third of the sales area of the store, non-food has been brought to the front of the store to create better visibility, and an entire chilled section has been dedicated to Morrisons' premium range The Best.