Andy Bond, CEO of Asda, has backed the Competition Commission's proposals to establish a 'competition test' when planning new supermarkets.

On Friday, in its provisional remedies, the Competition Commission outlined proposals for a competition test which would judge competition at a local level.

Writing in today's Daily Mail, Bond said: “The Competition Commission has highlighted that planning rules are hindering competition and preventing new stores opening in areas where there is restricted choice. Rightly so, there are lots of hurdles we must jump through before we can build a supermarket.”

He added: “I believe that if the planning system was changed to allow more competition at a local level there is no doubt that shoppers throughout the UK would benefit through lower prices, more choice and better quality.”

Bond also revealed that Asda was planning to launch The Asda Income Tracker - a monthly barometer of the nation's finances to “demonstrate the importance of low prices”.

“I strongly believe that the lack of competition in the UK is already leading to higher prices, poorer quality and inconvenience for millions of people,” he added. “The Competition Commission agrees, and now I am calling for a change.”