Andy Bond, chief executive officer of Asda, has called for a review of UK planning laws.

In an interview with The Times, Bond said: “I would not want to be judged as wanting something uncompetitive, but there is a fundamental economic point. Maybe someone should be looking at this in terms of market share and customer choice.”

“One of the unintended consequences of the planning rules is that it is unlikely the competitive landscape will be defined by competitive advantage. It is defined by who has got the land,” he added.

He joins the calls of Justin King, chief executive of Sainsbury, who last month called on the government to review planning regimes.

“Clearly this is a competitive market, that acts in the consumer’s best interests. I am a free marketeer by nature… but we do not have access to a key resource - property.”

“If you have someone with a significant size advantage and a bit of land comes up, then they will get it… We want fair and equal access,” King said.

However, despite his calls, Bond said: “I’m not having sleepless nights about whether planning constraints will never let us be bigger than Tesco. I think that’s a defeatist attitude.”

He added that his “absolute priority” as CEO was to make sure that Asda is always the lowest price supermarket.