Booker has unveiled a new branch design concept at a purpose-built depot in Greenford, Essex.

Big Food Group chief executive Bill Grimsey said the concept would serve as a prototype for Booker depots in the future, although most available cash was going into the Iceland reformatting programme. “We haven’t planned a refit programme as such, but we will see how Greenford performs,” said Grimsey.

The new “easy to shop” layout makes it easier for customers to select from the core product range, about 4,800 of the branch’s 9,900 lines. There is also a new trading post area where customers can keep up to date with the latest product development news, access the Booker website or get business advice.

The 40,000 sq ft depot also includes a stronger fresh fruit and vegetable offer, multi-decked chiller cabinets, a fresh fish counter and a specialist team of butchers.

The licensed section includes a range of new services including planograms, shelf-edge description labels, tasting notes and promotional bottle neck labels. Catering customers are also offered recommended wine lists and a ‘create your own’ personalised wine labels service.

Booker marketing director Mark Collier said: “The entire branch has been designed from a standing start with customers’ convenience - and margins - in mind.”