Booker has set out its store to open up to 20 cash & caries in India.

At the opening of its first depot in the country, in Mumbai, Dr Rajat Baisya, chief adviser to Booker India, said the potential for the wholesaler in India was “good”.

“We will look at how it goes over the next two months then think about opening more,” he said. “There are 12 million retailers in India and the suppliers only serve a small percentage. This leaves lots of retailers with no suppliers who can come to Booker.”

Mumbai alone, with an estimated 70,000 retailers, could support 10 Booker depots, added Booker India MD Zunaid Bangee.

The new 35,000 sq ft depot, converted from a former lift factory, stocks 6,000 products, with “virtually all” the products sourced from India. It could serve up to 35,000 customers and already has 20,000 signed up.

Bangee said he would encourage customers to think of the depot as their stock room. By using the depot, which is open seven days a week, customers could convert their stock rooms to selling space.

Booker has purchased an electric rickshaw to help customers with no transport take purchases home.