The Booths chain of stores is to terminate its membership of wholesale group Nisa-Today's from the beginning of 2009.

“Over recent years Nisa’s continued development of central distribution to its retail members has differentiated it from Booths’ plans to develop its unique grocery offering,” said Booths chairman Edwin Booth.

The northwest-based chain was a founding member of the Northern Independent Supermarket Association, which was set up in 1978.

However, Booths ceased ordering chilled goods from Nisa in September 2007. Nisa-Today's said it has already taken new orders to compensate for the loss of volume caused by Booths' withdrawal of its chilled orders.

“It is a great shame that Booths will be leaving Nisa-Today’s membership, having been founder members of the group,” said Neil Turton, chief executive officer of Nisa-Today's.

“Booths’ termination of membership in 2009 will have no material effect on the group’s operations. In the financial year to date, Nisa-Today's has recruited members with a combined turnover in excess of £61.5m - a strong performance in the current marketplace - and is in the midst of the most extensive recruitment campaign in its history.”

He added: “We also grew sales by 6% in the year to April 2008 and continue to grow in 2008-09, with plans to add another £75m to £1.2bn by the end of April 2009. We are therefore still growing and intend to continue this growth.”