Morrisons is back on track with its recent run of excellent service this week, scooping its fourth Top Store award in five weeks. Our mystery shopper at Morrisons in Ecclesfield, Sheffield, found a variety of offers and a very clean store. The vigilant staff immediately stepped in when a young team member faltered in helping her.

The Asda in Eastbourne, East Sussex, was being refitted when our shopper arrived. It was dirty, cluttered and had a leaking roof. However, the staff were helpful.

The Forestside Sainsbury's in Belfast was clean but cluttered when our shopper visited. He found a wide range of attitudes among the staff. Some were extremely helpful, but one curtly refused to help him find a product, while yet another spilled a tray of yogurt over him without showing any remorse.

Our mystery shopper found the Somerfield store in Claygate, Surrey, cluttered and difficult to shop, although the staff were somewhat helpful.

The Tesco store in Dunfermline, Scotland, was reasonably clean when our mystery shopper visited. However, it was cluttered with packaging. She said that the staff were friendly and helpful.

The Waitrose store in Portishead was "very disappointing" for our mystery shopper.

She found its layout illogical and felt that she was constantly doubling back on her path. The staff were helpful and friendly.