Many a time have I been let down by TV programmes that didn't live up to their billing.

ITV's Loose Women promised so much but turned out to be a bunch of menopausal women talking about cleavages. Likewise, Channel Five's Bearman was not a probing documentary about a half-man, half-beast genetic mutation.

So imagine my disappointment when, at 9.03pm Monday, I discovered that Breaking into Tesco was not the retail-sector remake of Ocean's Eleven that I'd hoped for but another reality TV show. This time it is small food producers trying to convince Sir Terry Leahy that they've got talent. Yawn. (In case you're interested, in my version Bond, King, Bolland, Rose and Price join forces to clear the Cheshunt vaults of everything except Florence & Fred underwear.)

But hang on. Surely this six-part series strips bare Britain's largest supermarket and tells suppliers exactly what the blue behemoth wants. And with celebrity chef Simon Rimmer mentoring each contestant, how could any of them fail?

I've learnt Rimmer is about to launch his own brand into the supermarkets. But it sounds like he's yet to break into Tesco himself, with the range first launching into Sainsbury's instead. I wonder if that is mentioned in the series.