An Asian-inspired health drinks brand is splashing out on a £1m campaign to boost its presence in the soft drinks sector.
Carpe Diem, which has listings in Tesco and Waitrose and is seeking to widen its distribution, is investing in a sampling and events-led campaign in Brighton, coinciding with the city’s festival this month.
Print adverts will also appear in magazines and newspapers and Asian-style chill-out zones are being created at various cafés and stores within the city.
Rachel Warren, Carpe Diem’s marketing manager, said the city was the ideal launchpad for pushing the brand. “We’ve quickly found that the people in Brighton are some of the most forward- thinking and style conscious in Europe,” she said.
The launch of Carpe Diem comes as industry insiders are predicting growth in drinks based on convenience, health and enjoyment. The energy drinks sector has been strong in the past year with 5% growth year-on-year [ACNielsen Retail Tracking Total Impulse MAT to January 22, 2005].
Carpe Diem comes in three varieties: Kombucha - made with Kombucha mushrooms, which are believed to have been used for more than 2,000 years in ancient Asia for detoxing and internal cleansing; Ginkgo - made from leaves of the Ginkgo Biloba tree and reportedly good for concentration; and Kefir - made with Kefir cultures and elderberries for maintaining a healthy immune system.
The 500ml bottles (rsp: 99p) are available in Tesco and Waitrose, and at selected Brighton outlets.
Sonya Hook