Sainsbury is introducing a Buy British policy on organic meat and dairy in a bid to coax farmers to convert to organic in the aftermath of foot and mouth. Sainsbury trading director Ian Merton said: "We are concentrating on developing partnerships with UK farmers, suppliers and research and development organisations to increase the amount of British grown organic food we sell." He said Sainsbury's research showed concern for farmers has become a leading issue for consumers when purchasing meat. The supermarket plans to stock 100% British sourced organic meat and dairy by January 2004. The announcement came as a campaign to increase domestic organic production gathered momentum. Some 700 people attended this week's rally and lobby of Parliament, organised by Sustain, the alliance for better food and farming. Sustain, backed by seven supermarkets, including Sainsbury, and organic certification bodies, was lobbying MPs to ask government to introduce organic targets, such as conversion of 30% of agricultural land to organic by 2010, and to pledge to source organic produce in the UK. Currently 70% of organic produce sold in the UK is imported. {{NEWS }}