Budgens is to revamp its recruitment strategy by launching a career web site. Human resources director Duncan Turner said the site would be more than a jobs board: it would have the capability for basic screening of applications and sorting by area. "We want to make the same use of the internet as the multiples. We won't get the same traffic as Tesco does, but we can use commercial sites to drive traffic through our site," he said. Budgens needs to recruit about 400 more staff in the next year, and Turner said new recruitment methods were vital. "Old style recruitment, where you pick up a form in a store won't work any more. We are recruiting in line with growth at the moment, but if we don't change within a year, we are going to have a problem," he said. Senior human resources adviser Paul Daynes explained that the chain currently used links to commercial recruitment sites to direct graduates to its intranet. From there, they were able to pick up a contact number and an application form. "About 60% of our graduate enquiries came through the internet last year. The mechanism will shortly be in place to use the internet for all our job recruitment," he added. {{PEOPLE MOVES }}