New figures from TNS make headlines in today’s papers, as it emerged that Tesco has grown its market share for the first time in nearly two years.

The Guardian covers the story, while The Times says the findings show the big four retailers are all at full strength. The Times also scents a price war brewing ahead of Christmas.

There’s surprisingly little about the hundreds of jobs set to go at Northern Foods as it invests £26m in automated technology at two of its plants making Fox’s Biscuits. The Huddersfield Examiner has the story, at least, as does the Financial Times.

In equally hard-hitting news, the Daily Express says Scotch eggs have been named Britain’s favourite bar snack. The Express also has a rather better story about prisoners at Dartmoor being banned from having Marmite, after they started using it to ferment home-brew booze.

As reported on this site, Imperial Tobacco has appointed a new chief and – gasp! – it’s a woman. From May Alison Cooper will be just the fifth female chief exec in the FTSE 100. The Daily Telegraph, the Independent and Daily Mail all take a look, although the Mail presumably thinks she’d be better off at home with the kids.

And that’s largely it.