Somerfield wins this year's Supermarket most excited by Easter' trophy.
It all started in February when staff were bowled over by Easter PoS featuring a bunny. "He was so cute we thought it would be really great to make him real" said a spokeswoman.
A giant Easter Bunny impersonator was therefore commissioned to hop around UK stores and schools, as Somerfield printed off half a million leaflets for a Name the bunny' children's competition.
As the bunny helped raise money for the charitable causes Somerfield supports, he seems to have attained cult status. The original pre-Easter deadline for naming him was extended to the end of April, and thousands of extra leaflets printed.
There are no plans to put him out to pasture. He will appear at fêtes over the summer and "we'll put tinsel round him for Christmas" said a spokeswoman.