Buyers are braced for more job cuts following Morrisons’ cull at Safeway and Marks and Spencer’s announcement that buyers could be affected in a second round of job losses next financial year.
Over 80% of buyers polled for The Grocer’s reader panel expect to see more buyers losing their jobs in the next 12 months while 42% feel less secure than this time last year. Said one buyer: “All companies are challenging their running costs now.”
A soon-to-be-displaced Safeway buyer, who is now looking at alternative careers, agreed. “Competitive pressures will force companies to review all costs/non-revenue driving activities, plus they will look to become leaner in terms of decision making,” he said.
The sentiment is not restricted to supermarket buyers. “I do not think the consolidation of buying areas is complete,” said one wholesaling buyer, while a convenience player added: “Further consolidation is inevitable.”
Our panel is split when it comes to how secure they feel in their roles. ”The job security of the past is falling in all areas of retail,” said one who felt less secure than last year.
However, 58% were more bullish. “You have to stay positive,” said one independent while another said: “This