Kevin Hunt, md, lawrence hunt & co, spar retailer
Water never ceases to amaze me. We continue to sell more and more, in dozens of sizes and formats. A 10-litre pack sounded huge, but I am amazed by its size. It really is so well packaged it seems no bigger than a five-litre bottle.
One thing you cannot disguise is the weight, but a clever, built-in, grip handle ensures a firm hold. Our staff find it difficult to scan heavy items and this pack solves the problem with a peel-off label. It says hand to cashier' on one side and has the barcode on the reverse for easy scanning. Would all other manufactures of heavy or bulky products, please take a note?
Providing you have a big enough shelf, the pack should fit in a household fridge, and the flextap' allows it to be stored vertically or horizontally.
A cleverly thought-out, well designed pack, which should sell well. Score: 23/25