Andrea hargrave, category controller for alcohol and tobacco at booker
A fairly striking presentation, designed, I am sure, to appeal to women. The slightly metallic red rose has a sensuous, rather mystical quality ­ reminiscent of the Black Magic chocolate box. The design will not stand out well on the shelf.
No varietal Syrah character is apparent on the nose. A soft aroma of red fruit compote is evident, but it has no complex or distinctive style to generate interest. It has fair balance on the palate and a rich liquorice quality derived from a combination of the Syrah grape and moderate levels of residual sugar. The wine is quaffable with no sharp edges or complexity. Consumers who buy this wine because it is Syrah Vin de Pay d'Oc will be disappointed. There is insufficient indication of style on the front label and it would be too cloying for consumers of 'dry' red wines.
SCORE: 14/25