Kevin Hunt, MD, Lawrence Hunt & CO, spar retailer
This really is a difficult one, these products seem very Selfridges, but they would not get a look in at our c-stores.
The packaging is first class and conveys high quality. The puds could easily pass for desserts in a high class restaurant. The quality is underlined by the choice of glass as a container and the bowls will no doubt have many secondary uses. Anyone who likes chocolate will love the puds' extremely rich, chocolatey taste.
The problems come in the form of preparation ­ two can be eaten immediately, but one has to be cooked, which may confuse consumers ­ and marketing. Who or what is Gü? Consumers in the UK like the big brands and trust them. It is hard to imagine them buying a product with such an odd name.
Will the product sell? Not in my stores, and I think it will struggle elsewhere. Score: 10/25