from John Sharpe, MD, Nisa-Today’s Central Distribution Services

Sir; I must disagree with the comments in The Grocer’s recent article entitled C-stores’ Price Challenge (July 24, p4).
The statement ‘…convenience retailing is not about price, it is about value’ is misleading.
This is a vastly generalised comment which does not take into account the size, or indeed the location of a store - one cannot simply bunch together the c-store sector and make such sweeping comments.
The major multiples’ entrance into the convenience market has changed it forever. The gap between their large stores and small store formats has, and will, continue to narrow. Do we really expect customers not to take this into account when choosing where to shop?
Price is an ever-increasing part of the total retail package, along with quality, range and service - all of which influence a customer’s shopping habits, and we ignore price at our peril. Implementing the correct pricing strategy for the size and type of store, and its location, is essential to being competitive.
At Nisa-Today’s initiatives such as our Price Check Strategy allow independents to compete on as level a playing field with the multiples as possible.