Foodservice wholesalers will only stop superstores from gaining a bigger slice of the out-of-home market with a competitive pricing policy, according to Wilf Pearce, trading director of 3663. Pearce's call came at the twelfth annual Catersummit conference this week in Cambridge, which aimed to highlight the challenges facing foodservice wholesalers. He said wholesalers should consider branching out into the convenience store supply market and contract catering. Both moves would combat superstores extending their delivery services to caterers and offering their own prepared take-home meals, "We must unite and pool knowledge to defend our foodservice business, if we are to be here in 10 years' time." Alan Toft, director general of organiser the Federation of Wholesale Distributors, said the idea of the conference was to impress the importance of the foodservice wholesaler upon the marketplace. {{NEWS }}