Healthy snacks and toppings brand Munchy Seeds is launching into granola cereals and cereal bars as momentum behind seeds gains ground.

The brand, known for its plastic tubs of mixed seeds sold in Waitrose, Tesco and convenience channels, plans to more than double sales to at least £2m by 2010. The company hopes to tap into the interest in seeds as a healthy snack.

"It has been a bit like banging our heads against a brick hall in the past few years with people just seeing it as bird seed," said director Crispin Clay. "Now people view the product as a snack in its own right rather than a topping."

The granola, which will initially be trialled in tubs later this year but then moved to bags, could be eaten either as a cereal or as a topping. A cereal bar would then be the logical next step, added Clay.

The company launched its mixes into 30g sachets in December in response to demand for more user-friendly snack packs.