A free scheme that has been helping Morrisons ­recruit disabled and disadvantaged people is being offered to other multiples.

Employment charity Shaw Trust has been helping the retailer fill work placements in Hampshire, Norfolk and Manchester following a successful pilot in Derbyshire.

During the pilot, seven out of 10 candidates put forward to Morrisons under Shaw's free five-point SADOR (Source, Assess, Develop, Onboard, Retain) scheme were offered jobs, said the charity.

"The pilot conversion rate has been impressive," said Kylie Warburton, employer engagement director at Shaw Trust. "Morrisons has secured the services of eager-to-work employees who were tuned into the company culture and had already worked in-store."

The scheme also aims to help retailers bypass recruitment costs. Figures from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development show the ­average cost per vacancy stands at more than £6,000.

"Poor recruitment detracts from the bottom line," said Morrisons head or retail HR development, Mickey Greenhalgh. "The SADOR programme has proved to be very effective."

Hannah Cardus was among successful candidates at Morrisons' Derby store, where she now works part-time on the checkout. "I thought I would never work again," she said. "Now I have a new lease of life."