Sir; I read Adam Leyland's editorial and was amazed (The Grocer, 14 October, p3). Consumer choice has to be informed. Yes, consumers can think for themselves, but they must be guided by information, press and publicity. Tesco would probably not have reduced salt in its products unless health information and pressure from the various lobbies had been to the fore. Consumers will vote with their feet given the right information. Retailers and suppliers left to their own devices will limit consumer choice out of self interest - ie profitability.

You only have to go into the nearest m-way service station and try to buy something without carbohydrates, or not supplied by the big branded giants such as Coca-Cola, Walkers and Cadbury. Where is the consumer choice here?

We must all take responsibility for our own purchase decisions, however, we can only do that if we have access to the right information and the right products. A completely free market does not always act in the best interests of the end consumer.