The largest independent co-op, United Norwest, is calling for the Co-op Commission to rethink its recommendations on the movement's future. Norwest's main concerns are over proposals on corporate governance and board structures, as well as issues such as social auditing, membership and stakeholding. United Norwest's co-operative affairs general manager Mark Craig said the 60 recommendations of the report were too prescriptive, and poorly thought out, although their underlying principles were sound. Other large regional societies share these concerns, said Craig. However, he is confident a compromise will be reached by the end of the year. "We are not at odds with what the Co-op Commission is trying to achieve, but we need to see more than one model. It is not a case of one size fits all'. The commission is willing to work with us to find a solution". He said he hoped debate at the Co-op Congress in May and a Special Congress in the autumn would lead to radical changes to the contents and recommendations of the report. He said: "Our set up has achieved success for us, we are not going to abandon it in favour of an untried model." {{NEWS }}