A Co-op has become the first store in the UK to run directly on hydro power.

The 7,340 sq ft food shop in New Mills, Derbyshire, uses electricity generated by the River Goyt.

Over the next year a community-owned micro-hydro installation is expected to produce 240,000 kwh of electricity a year - enough to provide over half the store's electricity needs.

Water Power Enterprises approached New Mills with the idea for a small-scale hydro-plant and managed its installation.

"Seeing the UK's first community-owned hydro installation generate electricity is superb. The electricity is powering a store that lies at the heart of the community," said Water Power Enterprises MD Steve Welsh.

The green electricity project is owned and funded by local people through a share scheme that was financed by a grant from The Co-operative Fund. This has led to them forming an industrial and provident society for the benefit of the community.

Paul Monaghan, head of social goals and sustainability at The Co-operative Group, said it was planning to extend support to further micro-hydro schemes across the country.