from Paul Baxter, trading director, TM Retail

Sir; The Co-op makes its protestations about being the customer’s friend, but has ignored shoppers’ needs and acted in a petty and arrogant manner over a store in Redditch.

It has refused TM Retail permission to prepare a temporary shopping facility in its Churchill Centre which it vacated on September 13.

We had hoped to be able to enter the non-used area in the premises while we built a brand new state-of-the-art convenience store due to open later in the year.

As leaseholder of the site, we had hoped the Co-op would allow us to refurbish some part of the store it was not using so customers would be less disadvantaged until we built our new outlet. The Co-op has on this left Redditch shoppers hung out to dry.

TM Retail is disappointed the Co-op has reacted in this way, but we do promise to have a facility up and running as soon as possible.