The Co-operative Group has called for industry feedback as it prepares to implement a new consumer-friendly labelling regime across all own brands.
The group in conjunction with the Consumers' Association and Sustain, the alliance for better food and farming, has called for a rethink of legal regulations on nutritional labelling of products.
The Lie of the Label 2 report claims manufacturers exploit rules by hiding the amount of sugar in processed food within the carbohydrate content, and often listing salt as sodium.
General manager, retail brands, Wendy Wrigley said: "The Food and Drink Federation argues suppliers do not have the space to include relevant information on labels, but we say labels should be designed around that information."
The group is trialling full nutritional listings on own label beefburgers and jam roly poly pudding. Flashes on the front of packs show calories, fat and salt.
FDF deputy director-general Martin Paterson said: "Any suggestion food manufacturers set out to confuse or hoodwink consumers is plain wrong."

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