Only two stores managed to check in full baskets this week, and the cheapest was the Co-op's Carlton branch at £41.72. However, this was the store's only redeeming factor. No trolleys in the trolley bay meant our shopper had to hunt one down in the car park. And the checkout operator scanned the shopping so fast there was a pile of groceries to pack and no help offered to pack it. A pushy customer behind our shopper only compounded the problem. In contrast, the Scottish Co-op's helpful checkout operator was as quick at scanning as she was at packing everything for our shopper. Both Co-ops, however, had good deals ­ a mature cheese bogof, free McVitie's Hobnobs with Penguin eight-packs, 16p off Kleenex and 10p off Müller yogurt. Shoppers' gripes continued about out of stocks this week. They included Jacob's Creek wine, Kleenex tissues and frozen food. Nor were shoppers happy about Morrisons' heavy aisle congestion because of shelf packers and displays of specials, and Sainsbury's army of shelf-stackers clogging aisles. A return trip to Safeway at Plymouth was an improvement on the last, but fruit and veg were still inaccessible, and half the pricing machines were still out of action. At Somerfield our shopper was charged twice for Anchor Spreadable. {{GROCER 33 }}