CWS has expanded its organic range from 70 to more than 200 products and is promising to sell them at "superstore prices" in all its stores. But even though the co-operative society has pledged to match the price of selected organic lines with standard equivalents, it denies this will mean squeezing suppliers. "We are carrying the costs, because we've made a commitment to making organics more affordable and accessible," said a spokeswoman. "Our Food Crimes Report showed that most consumers would buy more organic lines if price was less of a barrier." Price matching promotions will run across various lines. These initially include Hovis Organic Wholemeal 800g loaf at the same price as standard and Co-op Organic Freeze Dried coffee 100g matching Nescafé Gold Blend 100g. The Soil Association said that it approved as long as the Co-op was bearing the extra costs. "If this promotes organic food, that's great," said a spokeswoman. "It costs more money to produce organic food and we're very concerned about getting a fair price for producers." The organic initiative will be promoted in the latest wave of Co-op tv advertising. {{NEWS }}