Don't waste. Create recycling campaign

Don’t waste. Create recycling campaign will provide creative ideas for reusing bottles

Coca-Cola Enterprises is launching a sustainability campaign dubbed ‘Don’t waste. Create’ with the aim of encouraging people to re-use plastic bottles in a creative way.

Launching on 14 August in conjunction with Sainsbury’s, the campaign will urge parents to make a recycling ‘pledge’ online. They will be asked to answer three questions on the campaign website and click a button confirming their pledge. In return they will receive a downloadable voucher giving them 50p off their next purchase of a 2-litre pack of CCE drinks. They will also be automatically entered into a draw to win a ‘glamping’ holiday in France.

‘Don’t waste. Create’ idea sheets will also be available for printing off at home, suggesting creative ways in which parents can reuse their plastic bottles – such as making a bird feeder or a plant pot.

“CCE is committed to reducing plastic waste and helping our customers re-think how they dispose of their packaging. By asking them to re-use and then recycle plastic bottles, ‘Don’t waste. Create’ encourages families to think more sustainably while having fun, giving them a tangible way to reduce their household waste,” said CCE’s associate director for recycling Nick Brown.

The campaign will run for six weeks on a dedicated campaign website and on There will also be in-store elements, CCE said.