from Shamus Lehel, Londis retailer

Sir; The waiting is almost over for Londis shareholders, with voting papers arriving this week.
Londis, in my opinion, was a mutual in name only.
It had more in common with the British Empire - the same rigid bureaucracy and red tape and an unwritten divide and rule policy.
One example is a members’ area on the Londis website that is still under construction after almost four years.
This policy of secrecy was embedded to such an extent in Londis’s internal structures that nobody was really sure what was going on apart from the fab four - and I’m not talking about The Beatles.
But the time for talking and canvassing is over and we need to move on.
I would strongly urge Londis shareholders to carefully weigh up the pros and cons and attend the Musgrave roadshows before deciding which way they will vote.