Special congratulations to one speaker who carried out his duties with particular panache after returning to the hotel from the previous evening's revelries at a very respectable 7.30am ­ just in time for breakfast before the morning's business session. The real highlight, however, was the legendary table tennis tournament which earned a well deserved round of applause for Nisaway trading director Steve Collins, who scooped the top prize without actually turning up. A special mention also for Les Brown, who at a certain restaurant was caught with his trousers down on the way to the gents ­ forgetting he had loosened his belt after the second course. Few delegates made it through the conference without committing some act of alcohol induced madness, with apologies from a certain CBC member who swiped his room key at the wrong room after a particularly heavy night on the tiles. The incident did, however, bring to life the motoring analogies in his excellent presentation the following morning ­ with "crank and piston" becoming the new buzzwords for unruly behaviour. Presented with the unenviable task of talking up the petfood category on Sunday morning, one speaker thought he would start with some figures. Did you know there are 45m pets in the UK including 15m goldfish and 15m cats and dogs? The question he didn't answer was ­ what on earth were the other 15m? {{COUNTERPOINT }}