Yoplait Dairy Crest is squeezing out £1m behind a Freez'em campaign for Petit Filous Frubes this summer in a bid to grab a share of the kids' summer snacks market. A TV campaign kicks off on July 17 and runs on Channels 4, 5, GMTV and satellite until the end of August. Cinema advertising specific to the Freez'em theme runs through July and August, supporting films with kid appeal, including Chicken Run and Stuart Little. The ad's strapline ­ Stay cool... freeze Frubes' is illustrated by a Frubes pack staying cool on the beach ­ and even freezing a tidal wave. It builds on last year's message - that Frubes are perfect as a frozen snack for kids during the summer holidays. There's also sampling at cinemas and key children's events, such as Chessington world of Adventures and Alton Towers. Packaging sports a Freez'em line. "The summer snacks market is as important as school lunchboxes for children's snacks. Freezing Frubes offers mum an extra options," said Jackie Creasey, marketing controller. {{P&P }}