Costcutter is testing a pizza vending machine outside its store near Waterloo station in London.
The symbol group said the decision to install the machine there - just 50 yards from Southwark Underground station - had been influenced by the fact that there were three pubs and a college nearby.
The coin-operated unit, available to rent or buy from Bournemouth-based Wonder Pizza UK, operates 24 hours a day and takes up to 90 seconds to heat pizzas. Customers can choose from four toppings, at the recommended sales price of between £3 and £4. The
machine holds 102 chilled pizzas, which cost the retailer £1.75 each.
It can keep them fresh for at least 30 days.
Costcutter regional manager Chris Heslin said: “This machine is doing great business and if it continues, I’m sure we’ll be looking at other stores.”
Costcutter said that the unit had generated a substantial return since it was installed a month ago and that a second machine would be set up at another store.