The Co-operative Group has launched a credit card allowing customers to earn cash on purchases wherever they shop. For every £2 spent at over 20 million stores accepting Visa in the UK and overseas, cardholders will earn 1p. This means a customer spending £80 on the card at Tesco would receive 40p from the Co-operative Group. In the Co-operative Group's own stores, the cash divi will double to 1p for every £1 spent, so that same £80 would earn them 80p. This is in addition to the divi earned from the society's loyalty card scheme, offering 3p on own brand and fresh and 1p on branded groceries. Co-op Group general manager, marketing, Ged Carter said: "The 0.5% benefit is comparable with Tesco's or Sainsbury's credit cards. What singles our card out is the double benefit if you shop in our stores." Co-op retail controller Malcolm Hepworth said the new card was "twice as rewarding as other supermarket loyalty credit cards" and "reinforced the return of the divi as one of the country's best loved traditions". {{NEWS }}