Six full baskets were notched up when our shoppers were asked to check out the chiller for 10 dairy products.
Only Tesco at Heswall and Somerfield let the side down with Frubes missing from both stores, and Tesco was also out of stock of 250g Lurpak butter.
Somerfield and Tesco at Consett only had four-packs of Danone Actimel yogurt drink, which Tesco was selling at £2.18 ­ a better deal than the eight-packs at the other stores, and 92p cheaper than Somerfield's four-packs.
This branch of Tesco also had the best priced Frubes nine-pack at £1.19 which, on average, was 65p less than the other stores.
These low prices undoubtedly helped the store check in the cheapest full basket at £10.33.
Initially, our shopper found no Danone Actimel on the shelf at Waitrose but, on request, staff promptly filled the shelf with the drink.
Special offers included a third off the price of Anchor Spreadable at Waitrose and multibuy deals on Mí±²í¼¥r yogurt at Safeway and Sainsbury. At Morrisons, Philadelphia cheese spread had 50% extra free, while at Asda, the spread came with four free bagels.

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