Ragley Hall, near Stratford-upon-Avon, was the prestigious venue for this year's Booker Prize for Excellence awards ceremony. And a great night it was too.
There was plenty to cheer as some of the country's best retailers and caterers came on stage to pick up their awards.
But the highlight of the night came courtesy of a competition organised by musical cabaret act Rainer Hirsch and his Eccentric Orchestra.
Rainer invited Booker executives on stage to conduct his orchestra. And the star of the show was Booker trading director Shaun Birrell who launched into a somewhat bizarre dance routine as he took the baton for a unique rendition of English Country Garden.
Unfortunately for Birrell he ended up with a new soubriquet, courtesy of Rainer Hirsch who was left somewhat bemused by the Booker man's onstage antics and dubbed him the dancing monkey'.